Business Innovation:

Antigua is a leading designer and marketer of men's, women's and children's lifestyle apparel and sportswear under the distinctive Antigua Brand. Serving the apparel needs of the Golf, Licensed Sports, Corporate Apparel, Tennis, and Specialty Retail Markets. Antigua is constantly looking to the future to innovate product and promise an exceptional customer experience.

Product Innovation:

Antigua is constantly focused on fabric innovation and relevant technology and applying the resources and direction to create innovative garment design. Antigua's DESERT DRY™ Technology is a proprietary high-tech functional performance fabric developed exclusively by Antigua to help wick away moisture and sweat, dry quicker than all other fabrics, work to reduce body temperature during activity and incorporate an air flow system to minimize body & fabric cling to feel more comfortable longer. In addition to our exclusive DESERT DRY™ moisture management fabric we have combined our technology for moisture management and integrated it with finer denier filament yarns to create an ultra light fabric that offers the additional benefits of moisture that wick more rapidly, lighter weight on body, less heat trapped on body and provides an over all less restrictive movement and has become DESERT DRY™ XTRA-LITE D2XLTM.



Customer Service Innovation:

Our customer service department is an ever-evolving management of service and personal. It has been created to readily adjust to market conditions as examples of our growth exceeding expectations. We were set up to respond by reorganizing to create dedication departments to support and focus on our individual business divisions, Antigua prides itself on its overall customer experience; with our live in house customer service department, our representatives ensure full customer satisfaction. We are able to fulfill high volume order demands down to individual online customers orders in an exceptionally timely manner. Antigua houses 56 state of the art Barudan Embroidery machines with 270 individual sewing heads, allowing for the production of some of the finest embroidery in the country. Embroidery is controlled by our automated system for maximum efficiency and supervised by our trained personal for maximum quality. Antigua also offers individual personalization for each item. Offering a wide variety of embroidery options for individuals and major distributors on our 110,000 sq. ft. factory floor.



Distribution Warehouse Innovation:

Housing one of the largest in-stock product offerings for immediate customer availability, Antigua's state of the art wireless warehouse system is used to expedite high order demands in a timely manner. Including an exceptionally high volume e-commerce fulfillment that exponentially increases month to month.

Marketing Innovation:

The Antigua Marketing department keeps in constant contact with our customers through social media offering up to date information regarding, product, players, and current company information. Antigua also cares about the environment and has taken action to minimize paper printing and waste by offering all catalogs and product online with our recently re-designed Corporate website. In addition, all catalog printing is done with FSC certified printers and all catalogs are only printed on recycled paper.



Sales Department Innovation:

Antigua believes in offering a one on one customer experience, in addition to our outside national sales staff we also offer a live in-house sales team for the entire country to ensure full customer satisfaction. Antigua also maintains its presence in the industry by attending all major industry trade show events, featuring streamlined trade show booths for sales efficiency and friendly customer experience.

Information Technology Innovation:

Antigua's Information Technology Department is constantly updating our tech systems to enhance the overall customer experience. Currently offering customers accessibility to view live, in-stock inventory availability and place orders through the online ESC ordering system to maximize efficiency and speed to the customer. Antigua is also currently working to implement the state of the art PLM system to streamline supply chain and developing demands.

Human Resources Innovation:

Antigua believes in keeping our employees happy, employing 311 people many of whom have been with the company for more than 25 years, our in house digital broadcasting system keeps everyone informed with up to date pertinent company information.